Kid Troupe/ Jr Teen Troupe Crew Member/Kid Rustler
note: Teens must be good with children and self-starters!
(see Fact Page of individual Troupe shows for dates and times required)

1. Attend all rehearsals the final week for the Monday OR Tuesday Troupe fall or spring production. 
2. Attend all rehearsals the final week for the Monday AND Tuesday Troupe fall or spring production.
3. Attend all rehearsals the final week for Jr Teen Troupe fall or spring production.

There are opportunities for a few teens to assist as dance captain or assistant to the director for the Troupes.  This requires that the teen attend all rehearsals through the session and an interview with the Artistic Director.

Costume Coordinator
Compile all sizes of cast members, work with the designer to set up dressing rooms, attend fittings, and help with sewing tasks needed. Send reminders of when and what the cast member is expected to provide. Group email addresses of the cast will be provided.

The Gala  
The Gala is the annual Clocktower Players, Inc fundraising event held in June.   Volunteering for this would include ad sales for the playbill, refreshments, silent auction, set up and cleanup.  Invitations go out in early Spring. 

School Outreach 
Recruiting students to perform in CLOCKTOWER PLAYERS productions. Also, connecting with Principals of local NY/NJ/CT schools to let them know about our programs.

Poster area village hot spots, libraries, train stations, at least three weeks before the show weekend. Materials, a schedule and a list of where to poster will be provided to you.
In person contact all local Fire, EMS, Police Departments to remind them of our Free Ticket Policy for our shows.
Contact area schools, senior centers, scout groups, drama groups for GROUP ticket sales for all shows.
Investigate any and all free sites or newspapers that will cover or list our events.
Contact and promote the theater to all area mayors.
Investigate signage opportunities in villages other than Irvington and costs. Follow through after board approval.

Ad Sales
Send email reminders to the casts.   Aggressively sell ads to local businesses. The goal is to sell the approximate amount of sales to businesses of the scholarship received.

Monitor inventory of CLOCKTOWER PLAYERS (shirts, totes, etc.)  Create laminated display signs (prices, sizes, etc.) for selling items at shows. Re-order as needed.  Organize sellers at shows and have merchandise displayed for sales. 

Research, apply for and follow up grants for ITHT Foundation, Inc.  Develop corporate fundraising opportunities and outreach.

Donor List 
Email thank you notes to donors (a template can be provided).  
Compile donors and submit to the person in charge of Playbill.  
Look into other ways that donors might be sought and recognized (invited dress, dinner, free tickets, special performance, email announcement/newsletter, etc.)

Usher Development
Develop an usher volunteer base beyond the Clocktower Players families and board. Coordinate an on-site training session before being assigned.