1. How do I sign up my child?
There are two ways: 

1) Click here to register online using PayPal (a convenience fee applies)
2) Complete our application here, submit it, and mail tuition check to CLOCKTOWER PLAYERS INC prior to first scheduled class OR pay tuition via PayPal by clicking here.

2. What are the age breakdowns of each troupe?
Pre-Troupe is ages 3 through 5
Kids Troupe is first - fourth grade (1 - 4)
Junior Teen Troupe is fourth - eighth grade (4 - 8)
Teen Troupe is eighth - twelfth grade (8 - 12)
Junior Teen/Teen Troupe is fourth - twelfth grade (4 - 12)

3. What's next?
The audition process begins the first class.  
All Troupers are taught a dance combination at the first class. They are responsible for working on it for the second class as their dance audition.
Kids and Jr Teen Troupers will be taught 16 bars of a song from the score that they may use as their audition song the following week or they may prepare a song of their choice from the score.
Teen Troupers must prepare, on their own, 16 bars from the score to sing as their audition for the first class. They may be asked to prepare another song for the following week.
At the second class, ALL Troupers must be prepared to sing, dance, and  read from the script. Kids Trouper beginning readers will be asked to act out or recite easy-to-memorize lines.
Show cd's and scripts are given to all cast members at the first class.

4. How is casting determined?
There are a lot of factors but the most important are
1) the ability to take direction;
2) the ability to function well as part of a team with a positive attitude;
3) the ability to focus and work hard.
Ultimately we cast to provide each student with a challenging, successful, fun-filled experience. Our minds are always on each individual troupe member.

5. What can parents do to help?
Make sure you come to the Parent Director Welcome! Every family signs up for at least one task per production and working parents will find that we don't expect a lot - a little help from everyone really adds up. Kids & JR Troupe parents are extremely important: You can practice lines with your child throughout the semester, play the show CD at home and in the car (over and over, please!), and help your child learn and memorize his/her part. TEEN parents should check in with their teens to see how it's going and let us know if they need any extra help. We count on you to make sure that they arrive on time for all classes.

6. What should my child wear and bring to class?
Students are required to wear appropriate, easy-to-move-in clothing, jazz shoes or sneakers, e.g. NO SANDALS, CROCS, BOOTS OR JEANS, BARE MIDRIFFS. Clocktower Players rehearsal wear may be purchased at our storefront. Tees. Tanks, Sweatpants, Hoodies, Track Jackets, Zipped Hoodies and a handy tote bag are available to purchase!
Always bring script and a pencil with an eraser!

7.  Is there just one instructor in attendance? 
We provide a staff of seasoned professionals to work with each troupe.  There is always a minimum of two adults with each class, along with an adult intern.  There will always be a director, music director, choreographer and assistant working on each production.  During performances, there are at least three adults on deck to assist with the performances.

8. When are Private acting, dance or vocal sessions offered?
At Clocktower, we prepare every performer fully to make this the best possible learning experience.  As part of the rehearsal process, we may schedule additional rehearsals to help the performer prepare.  You are always free to ask one of our professionals for a private session.  That session will be scheduled based on the availability of both student and teacher, and might come with an additional charge.