KIDS Grade 1 - 4

Charlotte's Web

A humble radiant terrific play!

CHARLOTTE’S WEB, based on the story by E. B. White has everything - friendship, love and caring.
And now, that humble radiant terrific book is a humble radiant terrific play (with some music!) written by Cagle & John McDonald just for Kids Troupe! This is a play that touches everyone in a very special way with its endearing characters and heartwarming message.

Kids Troupe Grades 1-4

Monday or Tues 4:00pm-5:15pm  

Jan 25/26 – May 22/23
Directed by Rene O’Neal, Assistant Director Jesse Pellegrino

Class Size Max 14, Min 10
Tuition $650
Tickets - $15/$25
* Troupes will assemble via zoom for exciting warmups & games, character & script study, auditions and a read thru together once the show is cast.  
* After that, a schedule that is a mix of in-person and virtual will be set to work with the children in smaller groups to create full characters, block the show and explore interesting ways to create costumes right out of your own closets!
* NOT EVERY STUDENT WILL BE CALLED FOR EVERY REHEARSAL, specific schedule will be set once the show is cast.
* Final performance will be filmed on location, in person without a live audience
* Any in-person gatherings will have limited numbers of participants who will be masked and socially distant throughout with temperature checks and required hand sanitizing protocols strictly enforced.
* A tech/dress rehearsal will be held before the show is filmed without an audience on location May 22, 23. (note: schedule is subject to change.)
* If for any reason in person meetings cannot be done safely, the production will be filmed virtually.